One never knows when Bhariji bestows his blessing and kripa on a bhagat. One must always have faith that if we love him so much, then how long can he stay away from us. A very pious and devoted couple used to visit vrindavan quite often. Once they decided to do the parikamya of vrindavan and started it early in the morning. When they came near the kalia dhah , they saw some cows with the cowherd boys. Both looked at each other and both had the same bhava that krishna also used to take the cows for grazing like this. With such feelings they proceeded further and found that one of the cowherd boy was following them. They thought may be he is also doing parikmaya and ignored him. By afternoon they felt hungry so they took out their packed lunch of two prantha’s each and started eating them. Suddenly they saw the same cowherd boy sitting at a close distance looking at them.Since the food was just enough for them,they could not offer any to him, they wished that they had had more so that they could have shared some with him also. However they ate what ever they had and went off to sleep before procceding further. Hardly they must have dosed off when Bihariji came in the man’s dream complaining to him why he did not offer any food to him. He said am I not giving you company by walking with you in your parikamya? You did'nt have the curtsey even to offer me some food even as a formality. The husband woke up his wife and told her of his dream, but the wife was astnoished because she too had got a similar dream. Now both of them were repenting why they did not offered food to that cowherd boy. Then they decided that they will offer some prasad in bihariji’s temple. After completing their parikamya , they went to bihariji’s temple with a plate of babana’s and were givng it to the gosainji to offer it to bihariji. At that moment a small boy came and snatched the plate from them, came back giving the rest of the prasad and said bihariji has now accepted your prasad. This happened in a flash of a second. All they remember is that it was the same cowherd boy who had followed them.They looked for him to come out of the temple but he had vanished. They enquired from the gosain ji who was on seva and he told them there was no such boy of that discription with them that day.The couple felt blessed by bihariji's kripa on them and were very grateful to bihariji who took the pain of following them all through when they were circumbating around vrindavan.