Bihariji is least bothered whether a person is rich or poor. He sees only the devotion of his bhakts. About 60 years ago there was a devotee of Bihariji whose name was vimla. She had heard many stories about Bihariji and therefore she developed a lot of faith and devtion for him.Whenever she could get a chance to visit Vrindavan , she would come and stand for hours before him, talk to him , and went on looking at his beautiful large eyes. She knew how to stich clothees and made up her mind to stich one for Biharji. Since shard purnima was approching she decided to make a dress or paushaak for that ocassion. Now she went back home to panjab and told her parents about her mission to stich a dress for Bihariji and they helped her in choosing a good dress material of white,because that is what is worn on sharad purnima.She stiched the paushak with utter devotion, always humming bihariji’s bhajan’s while stiching it and always washing her hands before starting. At last the paushak was ready and she was imagining how elegant Bhariji willlook when he wears this paushaak. One day before sharad poornima she came to Vrindavan and handed over the dress to gosainji on seva. Gosain ji took her paushak but told her that the king of Datia had also brought a white paushaak for Bihariji and that will be only used for this great day. This paushaak brought by the king was very valuable and was studded by precious beads and gold zari along with matching jewlery.Vimla’s paushak was comparitavely very simple. On hearing that her paushak ll not be worn by Bihariji, she felt very sad and hurt, but coud not do anything about it.All her dreams wee shattered and nobody could imagine the pangs of her mind. With tears in her eyes she came out of the temple and went to the ashram where she had haulted during her stay in Vrindavan.

The king of Datya was highly puffed up that he had brought such a costly pauhaak whih no one till that had brought. He had told his tailor, that the paushaak should be so elegant that people who saw it on Bihariji should never forget that the kng of Datya had brought such a precious paushak.As he was waiting for the opening of the temple he was full of highly haughty ideas as to how the devotees are going to react on seeing such a grand paushaak and they will not lift their eyes and will keep on looking at the paushak.

Inside the temple the gosain ji after doing the abhishek of Bihariji with rose water and other perfumed itteres, was trying to put on the dress, but the dress turned out be too tight. He was unable to put it on and a little bit was torn in that process.He was sweting all over and did not know what to do. After a futile try of more than an hour he was left with no other choice but to put on the dress stiched by affectionately by vimla,

The temple was open for the public a little late and the king of Datya was anxiously waiting to see his paushak on Bihariji. The curtain opened and his face becae red in anger at not seeing the paushak brought by him.He came and asked gosain ji why his dress has not been worn by Bihariji.Gosainji told him the whole incident that it did not fit him. He looked scornfully at his servants who had come with him ,but was told by gosain ji that , it was no fault of there’s. Its Bihariji’s desire to wear the dress brought by a humble devotee who did not have any pride that it was costly, and asked the king of Datya to ask forgivness from Bihariji.

In a short while Vimla entered the temple and immediately recognised the paushaak stiched by her on Bihariji. She could not believe it that the dress would look so elegant on him. She went on looking at bihariji with tears in her eyes because Bihariji had shown her how much he cared for the sentiments of devotees. The king who was watching Vimla who was lovingly looking at Biharij realised his mistake. He could feel that he lacked in bhava bhakti which Vimla had in plenty and bowed at Bihariji asking him to forgive him for his pride and haughty behaviour. Vimla was overjoyed to see Bihari’s kripa on her.As she looked at him she could feel a smile on Bihariji’s face.
Such are the ways of Bihariji who sees only devotion and love and not riches or position of a person.