Some devotees of Bihariji are so fortunate that they get real experience of his kripa. One such bhakt was Binduji. Everday Binduji would go to Bihariji’s temple and sing a new pada for him.This was his humble sewa everyday.He could feel that Bihari ji used to listen to his composition very lovingly and affectionately. All the composition came out of his mouth automatically as if Bihariji himself was singing in his place.

One day Bindu ji got high fever with a body ache. He could barely get up to go to the temple. He was taken good care of by his loving disciples who had got ayurvedic medicines for him. After three days his fever had come down but he still felt very week.He told his disciples that hewill somehow manage to go to the temple and with their help he reached thepremises of the temple but was feeling very tierd and uncomfortable.It was the first time that he was not able to compose a new poem for Bihariji though he tried to write one on a paper also before reciting it, but was not successful in his pusuit..He had brought his old bed sheet wich was smeared by the brij dust. He had folded it and was holding it in his hand. Now he covered imself with the sheet and had tears in his eyes and went on staring at Bihariji for a long time.Since he could not think of a single line , he decided to go back to his ashram. He told his disciples to take him back and again looked at Bihariji for a last glance. As he was looking without a blink of the eye, he heard the tinkling sound of nupur.He had never heard such a lovely viberating musical sound so he stopped to see where it was coming from. The scene he saw now was like a dream. He saw the nij mahal of Bihariji in which there was a beautifully decorated throne studded by precious gems and stones.Both the divine couple were seated on it and were surrounded by millions of sakhi’s .Suddenly Bihariji stood up in front of him and said, Won’t you recite a new pada for us today? Thakurji’s voice was so tender and soft and enchanting that it came right inside his whole being.It touched his heart which skipped so many beats. He was in a high state of ecsaty. As he was watching this in flabergasting condition, he heard the same maginimous voice again and then he saw Bihariji holding one corner of his sheet, please recite one poem for me only.

Binduji did not know what was happening.Was this a dream? He could not make out whether it was real darshan or a dream. He was completely at a loss and forgot himself. Suddenly he felt he was fit and all his weaknes had disappeard. As he stood in front of Bihariji, his eyes were full of tears, his voice was choking with love, his heart was skipping beats due to excitement of Bihariji’s compassion for him, he was reciting poems for Bihariji. Suddenly everyones eyes turned towards Bindu ji who was singing so melodiously with joy and his voice was echoing in the mandir.

Kripa ki na hothi jo aadat tumahari,
Tou suni hi rahti adaalat tumhari,
Garibon ke dil mein jagha tum naa paate
Tou kis dil mein hothi hifaazat tumhari.