This question aroused certain doubts in every one. It was Danna bhakt and there are many other stories where he bhakts really believed that krishna comes to eat the prasad offered to him. Similarily there is a strory when Bihariji really had prasad of ladoo offered to him. There was a cowherd baba who used to ask this question from everyone but no one gave him a positive answer. The people whom he asked either thought that he was crazy or ingored his unreasonable question. Once he was asking someone the same question and a Goswami who was engaged in Bihariji’s service over heard him and came to him and said, baba come with me. I will tell you my own experience when I witnessed Bihariji really accepted the besan ka ladoo that was offered as bhog prasad. Baba was very excited to hear this and quickly settled down to listen to this story. Gosain ji started like this that one day when he was on seva of Bihariji he offered the prasad of a besan ladoo to Bihariji and kept the plate before him. He felt an elecetrical wave go through his spine as soon as he touched the curtain to cover Biharji so that he could enjoy the prasad. He left the curtain closed for sometime because one goswamiji was chanting the padas written by swami sri Haridasji. After some time when he opened the curtain, he noticed that one of the ladoo was cracked. On a careful investigation he found the marks of two tiny teeth. When he saw this he was astonished but he thought may be a rat had entered from somewhere and eaten the prasad. When he was doing achaman of Bihariji, he saw some particles of the ladoo on his lips. He was over whelmed and was convinced that Biariji had accpeted the prasad offered to him. The baba was very happy and his doubt was also cleared.There are many more such experiencess of bhakts when Bihariji has really eaten the prasad offered to him.


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