Swami sri Hari Das ji says oh Bihariji who ever loves you sincerely, you love that devotee more than he does because you are so liberal in distributing your love. You are not a miser like us. This is a story of a bhagat of Bihariji several years ago. There was a sethji who had ample wealth, fame, respect and above all a very devoted and sincere wife. The lord always deprives a person from some or other worldly pleasures and this seth ji was not having any child.That was the only thing he yearned for and many years passed by. One day he was so sad and upset and had tears in his eyes because he was invited to a birthday party of his friend’s son. He told his wife to go alone and sent her with the driver. However the friend came home personally and took him for his son’s party. The party went on till late at night and after thanking the hosts they were back on their way home. Suddenly a person standing in the middle of the road waved his hand to stop them. The wife told the driver to stop. Before seth ji could say anything further the wife allowed this person to sit in the car as he had said seth ji , I live near your house so please give a lift to me as I am not getting any transport at this hour of the night. The husband gave a dirty look at his wife and soon the stranger got down a little before their home. He went on grumbling and shouted at his wife why she had allowed a stranger to take lift in their car when she knew so many cheats, crooks and robbers are active in this age of kali yuga. The wife calmed him down by saying all people are not same.
The next day when sethji came back from his work , he found the same guy who had taken lift last evening drinking tea with his wife. He got very furious and gave him a stare which would have embarassed any one that he is not welcomed in the house. After he finished the tea , he went away, husband gave a long lecture to his wife because he was angry that she did not discourage him, instead offered him tea. The wife gently explained to him that just because he is not rich like us you are behaving like this with him. In case you get lost somewhere you will not bother to ask the way from a rich or poor man. She told him that he had come to thank us for helpng him in the middle of the night.
The next day to the annoyance of the seth that fellow reached his office and complained to him that it is not fair that you suspected your wife with any kind of relation with me and told her that she was a very pious lady and a devi.The seth thought my wife must have said something to him otherwise how would he know that I scolded her. Inspite of that he asked him to sit down and saw him carefully and was attracted towards him. He wanted to know his name but he did not tell, saying sahib who cares for poor people’s name. Nor did he tell where he lived. After this he did not come for more than a fortnight. The seth was somehow missing him and wished that he would come.When he suddenly appeared on the 16th day , seth ji was overjoyed but was wandering why should he be delighted to see him. There must be something in him that we both husband wife are attached to him. As soon as he comfortaly sat before seth ji , he handed him three tickets of Mathura and said tomorrow we are going to vrindavan. Both of you be ready . I will go with you and introduce you to my Banke Bihariji.
When the seth went home and told this to his wife, she was delighted because she had always wanted to go there but her husband was too busy to take her there. The next morning the three of them started off to their journey to vrindavan. They went up to Mathura by train. From there they took a tonga and were soon at Bihariji’s temple. The strager told them. See this is my Bihariji. Now look into his eyes and ask him to bless you with a child. Now I have done my job of introducing you to him and now it is in your interset to ask him what you want. That’s a promise that your desire will be fulfilled. Both of them with folded hands closed their eyes and prayed to him. They were lost in this beautiful site of Bihariji who seemed to be smiling at them, in he same way that stranger had smiled when he had asked for a lift in their car. The wife had tears in her eyes and suddenly she was flabergasted by what she saw. Bihariji appeared in the form of that stranger. She looked behind her but the strager was no where to be seen. They looked for him in the whole of vrindavan but he was not to be found. Finaly they came back home and in due course they were blessed by a son,sethji wanted to meet and thank the stranger who never came back ever making them wander if it was Bihariji himself…..