Once there was a boy called Bhola, who lost his parents when he was very small so he was brought up by his elder sisters.From childhood he was very dum and had no interest in studies nor doing any work properly. After the sisters got married he was sent to his tai’s home. She was a very nice lady who treated him just like her son, but in no time she also got fed up with his casual attitude. He was otherwise not a bad guy but he was not worldly. He also felt miserable that he could not come up to the expectations of those who were concered about him and his future. He did his best but somehow every thing turned the opposite so he thought that he is a misfit in this world and had heard of Haridwar where people could easliy lead a life of begging. Therefore he somehow came to Delhi as he had heard that one can take the train from Delhi to reach Haridwar. He asked many people at the station including porters etc but no body had the time or interest to tell him as to which train goes to Haridwar. He got very tierd of asking and at last found a bench to sit on and sat there wondering what to do. Through tears flowing from his eyes he felt the soft touch of a small boy and looked up to see who it was. The small boy asked him why are you crying my friend and he told him his problem that he wants to board a train for Haridwar but no one is helping him. The little boy said, oh I am also going to Haridwar you can come with me. He pointed out at the train haulting at the same plateforn and before he could answer his proposal,he took his hand and pushed him in the train and followed him. There was a large crowd but luckily they got a seat together. In a short while the train puffed out of Delhi station and was running at a great speed. It must have been a little more than an hour that the ticket checker came to check the tickets of the passengers.The small boy looked at him and asked him if he had a ticket which he didn’t and said don’t worry, even I don’t have one. Suddenly the train haulted and the little boy held his hand and pulled him out saying,I am in no mood to go to jail so quick jump out. Before he could think anything, he was out of the train which was waiting for the green signal. Both of them ranand entered inside the sugar cane field
and reach a place where an old lady was making chappaties on a mud chullha. The little boy said Mayia can you give us water to drink ? The lady said, why not my dear chidren ? you can also eat my humble food which I am cooking. Both were very hungry and readily accepted the offer. When they had finished Bhola asked the old lady mayia how far is Haridwar from here ? She looked at him with wonder and said, what? Haridwar !! You are at the moment in brijdham which is on the opposite direction of Haridwar. Bhola gave a scornful look at the small boy who was smiling and said, friend don’t worry I have brought to you to your right destination. Bhola had no choic but to accept the situation and left on him to take him whereever he wanted. He held and started walking till they reached Mathura raiway junction. He pointed out at a train standing on the plateform and said that train is known as Radha rani express. Go and sleep in it and you will reach Vrindavan where I will meet you in the morning. Before he could ask further questions the queer boy just vanished in the dark evening of winter saying I have some urgent work to do so i am going and will meet you in vrindavan tomorrow. Bhola looked here and there as if he was in a dream and went inside the empty train and went off to sleep.In the mornin he was woken up by the noise of passengers who were boarding it to go to Vrindavan. He sat down and in a few minutes he heard some one asking him to get down as it was the last station. When he got down , he enquired which station it was, he was told it was Vrindavan. Now he started looking for the boy who had promised to meet him in vrindavan but he was no where to be seen. There were many beggers and saints in orange robes who were useing the public facilities of the vrindavan station so he also went there to wash his face . There he met another begger who could guess that he was new to this place so told him,friend don’t worry. As long as you have not come here to make a fortune, you will not starve here. He invited him to go with him to the dharamshalla where he was staying and told him to stand in the line where hot khichri will be served to all. As he stood in the Q a girl came and asked him,Are you new to this place ? He nodded saying yes, and she said since it is your first day here you can come right in front.Suprisingly nobody standing in the Q objected to this and she made him stand right In front. After a while some people of the ashram brought steaming hot khichri and bhola realised that every one had a plate or a bowl to put the khichri but he did not have any container to put the hot khichri. He was what to do and was contemplating on that when the same girl came and handed him a thali or a plate.The person serving khichri announced his presence so he started receiving the khichri when that girl said this thali has been sent to you by the same boy who brought you here. After taking the khichri he looked back to ask the girl where is that boy who brought me here? He saw no one.The girl had vanished out of sight though he looked every where. He asked many people if they had seen the girl in blue sari who had handed him the thali but no body else had seen her. She was no one other than Radhaji and the boy who had brought him here to vrindavan was Bihariji. Bhola is now an old man. Day and night he chants the yugal name and is still looking for that wonderful boy who had brought him here. He tells his story to any one who he feels is a devotee of Bihariji.