By birth Noor Mohammad was a muslim but those people who are true bhagts of the almighty seek him every where no matter which religion because they know that there is only and only one god having different names. Noor md was a very pious soul and used to feel very upset when the people fought on the basis of religion. He used to feel how can the people be divided when the nature does not divide them. The nature had never discriminated that it will not give any sun or wind to a particular group of people. He always sat in the company of fakirs and saints but was sad that they also were not so secular in their beliefs. After roaming here and there for years he came to vrindavan dham. He found an invisible peace here and was watching the rays of the sun spreading their golden streaks on river yamuna and he heard a very rythemic song being sung somewhere around. He looked here and there and started going towards the direction from where such a melodious song was being sung. Soon he reached a thatched roof kutia and was spellbound by the song. He entered the hut without any permission of the owner.There he saw an old saint who was smeared in the mud of brij bhoomi and was singing in full bhav. Noor md asked the saint, baba what are you singing? The saint stopped singing and made a jester to him to sit down. He then explained the verse he was singing. It meant there is no barrier between any caste, religion, language or creed in the prem bhakti of swami sri haridas. Then the baba started singing the next pada which meant we are in vrindavanand vrindavan is in my heart.
Noor md was enchanted by all the padas sung by the saint asked him,baba for whom are you singing this melodious song? The baba replied I am singing this for my Shyama shyam.
Noor md—Is he only yours ?
Baba---He is every ones. He and swamiji have the same swaroop.
Noor md---- What is the swaroopof swamiji ?
Baba----His swaroop is prem swaroop which is very very pure where there is no place for any worldly attachments.
Noor md---- All attachments ?
Baba----- yes all attachments of caste, colour, creed , language, religion, culture, pure, impure, auspicious, inauspicios etc. He is above all these and lives in the land of prem only. He is above the maya as well.
Noor md--- Who can reach his kingdom?
Baba---- Any one who seks him. Have you ever been to bihariji’s temple?
Noor md---- No, but if he is above maya ,then how can he have a form ?
Baba---- Do you ever feel thirsty?
Noor md – Of course I do when I m thirsty.
Baba --- then do you drink water ?
Noor md ----yes maharaj.
Baba--- Is you thirst quenched ?
Noor md---- Why not?sure it is.
Baba---- Is there any form of your quench or tripiti?
Noor md---- no maharaj. But I have understood what you are trying to make me realise. Iwill go o Bihariji’s temple to quench my thirst.
Next morning noor md went to bihariji’s temple but was not allowed to enter being a non hindu. He tried to convince the gaurds but they were very adament in letting him in. So he came and sat on the back side of the temple and vowed not to open his eyes till bihariji gave him his darshan. After the night aarti the temple closed and within minutes not a soul was left but Noor md kept on waiting with his closed eyes.Sometime at about mid night he could feel a soft gentle hand moving on his cheeks and then chin. He could hear a lovely enchanting voice saying, please accept his milk bhath. Bihariji has sent it for u. With his eyes still closed he complained to him .Why is he sending me food now, first he stopped me from entering the temple and now he is sending food for me? I don’t want it. I will eat or drink only when I see his enchanting face. It was no ther than Bihariji himself who had come to give him the maha prasad of milk bhaat. Smilingly he said, Noor how can you see with closed eyes? At once Noor md opened his eyes and before him stood the darling if every one sri banke biharilalji. He was looking at him with a bashful smile and gave him his favorite milk bhath prasad. In the morning the people saw only the silver bowl in whch he had brought the prasad. No one ever saw noor md again but some devotees could hear the humming of the song sung by baba on the waves of river yamuna.
Hamaaro vrindavan ur, aur maya kaal jahan nahi vyaape.He was one with Bihariji for whom bhakti is the only qualification. Bihriji does discriminates between people of any religion.He love all equally.