The most popula shaloka chanted by ost of us is 'tamev mata cha pita tamev, tameve bandhu ch sakha tameva, tameva vidya ch dravinam tamev tamev sarvam mam dev dev.Banke Bihari ji of rindavan is the most enchanting deity, that one can not take his eyes off from his vigrha. One can have any relation with him. He not only accepts the relation you desire to have with him but he also fulfils your desire by proving it that he is, a brother, devar,sakha, father and what ever. This is a true story of a girl who used to live in Maat gaon which is on the other side of river yamuna facing Vrindavan. This area also is a part of brij bhoomi and the people of these villages also have great faith in banke bihariji . Although these people are unable to visit vrindavan every day they made it a point to come on every poornima ie full moon as well as amaavas along with other days when ever there was an utsav like teej, bihari panchmi,sharad poornima etc. This girl Lakshmi unfortunately lost both her parents and was living with her step mother who was very cruel to her and never allowed her to go to vrindavan even once. She had heard so much about Bihariji, but because she was always made to do the household work she could never go there.
Once a katha vachak came to Maat gaon to perform the Bhagwat puraan sapthaha and she got the opportunity to listen to this katha.Swasmiji, the narrater of the katha emphasised on Bihariji’s kripa and said it is very necessary to have some relationship with him to come nearer to him,then he is very pleased and accepts the relation with full sincerity.
As per the desire of this devoted girl she got got married to a man who was living in Vrindavan. She was very happy indeed and was thinking of converting her love towards him to some relation. After a lot of thinking she decided that she consier bihariji as her devar ie younger brother of her huband.She had married friends who had told her that they had friendly relations with heir dewar.
After she got married her husband wanted to take her to a certain temple of Radha Madhav on the banks of rivr yamuna.After darshan he told her to take a dip in the yamuna while he looked after her clothes and then he went to have a dip in the yamuna while she looked after his belogings. As he was bathing she sat on the ghat with a ghongat or pardha as done in these areas when suddenly she heard someone calling her bhabi. She looked here and there and saw a boy of seven or eight uears saying bhabi I want to see your face. She thought it must be some curious boy who was trying to be friendly with her,so she nodded no in her ghongat but he slowly came near her and forcefully lifted her ghongat. The husband came back and asked her as to what had happened and she told him some naughty boy came and tried to lift my ghongat. Her husband got very angry and looked all over to see if he was still there so that he could set him right. He was no where to be seen and they came back home .
Next day Lakshmi’s husband took her to Bihariji’s temple. The moment she saw the beautiful chhavi of Bihariji she was shocked and in a transdental state. The husband desperately tried to ask what the matter was, but she could hardly speak a word. It was only when she came out of her bhav smadhi that she told her husband in a shy voice choked with excitement that this was the boy who had come to lift my ghoongat and called me bhabi. The husband was so impressed that his wife is a great devotee of Bihariji that he almost touched her feet. He felt blessed to have Lakshmi as his wife and Bihariji as his younger brother.Both the couple came to Bihriji's temple every day and on many ocassions they felt that bihariji is smiling at them.Thus they enjoyed his blessings and kripa.




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