Suun re pathikwa mat jyeeo tu vrindavan ki auor----Raskhan who had come from Kabul in search of Bihariji lost his heart to him. When a person enters Vrindavan he warns them not to go to Vrindavan because he feels if you go there then you will no longer remain a worldly person. Even if you go there you will come across a bluish boy with a flute in his hand. He is so charming that you will not like to take your eyes off him. He will speak to you so sweetly that you will be hypnotized by his words and will go on staring at him and listening to him. Do not be lured by his charm and try to get out of his clutches. Once you try to run away from him, he will use his next trick. He will play his flute. The tune of the flute will be so melodious and charming that you will have to stay on listening. Your movements will freeze and you will stand stunned where you are listening to the viberating sounds of the bansuri. Please don’t go there because once you come in his web you will not like to come out of it. He will then run away and you will have to cry for him through out your life but he will not show up again. The result will be that you will wander all over Vrindavan searching for him. People will call you crazy or even baawra which means mad. That is why I am telling you again and again, do not go to Vrindavan.

This is the plight of people who fall madely in love with Bihariji and reside in Vrindavan. They loose their relatives and never think about them. They have no need of luxuries.They eat what ever is given to them and go on chanting his name, hoping that one day he will again show up which he rarely does,except some lucky bhakts who are either too innocent or are totally devoted.
This is the story of a simple and innocent bhakt whose name was Lakhandas. He was a disciple of one saint called Ramanandi. He lived on the banks of river saryu in Ayodhya dham which was the capital of sri Ramji’s kingdom.Lakhan das was a very sincere devotee.He as a young, handsome, sober sadhak who used to get up early in the morning in the btaham muhurat. He was very well behaved, respectful and compassionate to all and had full faith in Thakurji and whatever guru dev said.Once a group of saints of Ayodhya were planning to go on a pilgrimage of the four dhams. Lakhandas was keen to go hence he went to his guruji to seek his permission.Although guruji was not keen on sending such a sincere disciple, he did not want to dissappoint him by refusing him to go.He gave his permission on a condition that he will not go to Vrindavan.This was because his guru khew that if he went there even once, he will never come back.The possesive Bihariji will not let him do that.
He went with the saints to all the four dhams and was full of devotion and love for god and now the last place they were going to visit was Vrindavan. He kept wondering why guruji had banned him from going to Vrindavan.He thought guru ji must have stopped me from going there because may be I don’t deserve goning there.He told the saint that he will not go to Vrindavan because he was keen to obey his guruji,s instructions.The saints told him that they knew the reason why his guru had forbidden him to go to Vrindavan and told him that in vrindavan there is a lot of variety of tempting food items such as kheer, rabri,laddoo kachoari,aloochaat etc and guru ji probably thought you should not develop a taste for such foods. They said, if you don’t eat these things then guru ji will not have any objection why you went there. Lakhan das vowed in his mind not to eat any of these things and went to Vrindavan.
It was the holi season when Lakhandas reached Vrindavan.At this time of te year Vrindavan looks all te more enchanting. The atmosphere was filled with scent aroma of flowers.New leaves had sprouted on the trees,it was a pleasant time, neither hot nor cold. As soon as he saw the beautiful chhavi of Biharij he lost his heart to him.Without blinking his eyes, he went on staring at him. The bhakts from all over India were playing holi with Bihariji, while throwing colourful gulal on him.He sunk his eyes in Bihariji’s.He came out of his wonder when somebody held him by the shoulder and asked him to follow him. As though intoxicated, he followed him without questionin him where he was taking him.In a short while he reached a forest where there was a thatched roof hut where he was iinstructed to follow. The strange man who had brought him in this kutia gave him an aasan to sit while he lighted a lamp. There was hardly anything in the kutia exept for a few utensils, two bed sheets, five books and a picture of Bihariji. Now this strange man took out somemilk and addedit with cooked rice and gave it to Lakhandas, saying it is the prasad of Bihariji.Eat this along with these chappaties,the stranger said in a commanding voice.
Lakhandas said, no I can not take this prasad because it looks like kheer and my guruji will not like it if he comes to know that I have eaten kheer. The stranger said, Lakhan! This is not kheer, it is milk bhaath.Inspite of so much coxing he refused to eat it and said,I will eat only the chappaties and nothing else. He asked the stranger his name and he replied, Garibdas. He was so impressed by his will power that he askd him to stay with hi in the kutia.Lakhandas had aleady given his heart to vrindavan so he thought if I stay here and do not eat the tempting things, then guruji willnot mind if I stay here.He agreed to the proposal and started living with this stranger who was so kind to him One day when he was standing before Bihariji in the temple he spotted his guruji standing near by.Immediately, he touched his feet and was crying bitterely as was feeling guilty that he had not obeyed his guruji’s orders not to go to vrindavan. At first guruji was taken aback and did not recognize him but in a second he remembered it was Lakhan das, one of his most devotted disciple. He picked him up and embraced him close to his chest and was over whelmed by his guru bhakti.He apologised to his guru and then said, guruji I know why you did not want me to come here, but I promise you that I have not eaten, nor will I eat any delicacy of this place and told him that was to ld to him by the saints.Guruji went on looking at him lovingly. He was proud to have such a sincere and innocent disciple like him. He told him, no my dear son! I stopped you from coming here because I did not want to loose such a devoted shishya.I knew it, that if you came here, you will never come back to me. Where are you staying? Lakhandas told everything about Garibdas who had brought him to his hut and allowed him to stay with him and had offered food to him as well.Guruji wanted to meet Garibdas, so Lakhandas took him to that place. He looked here and there but there was not sign of a kutia anywhere.He was just shocked. Guruji told him, pagle Garibdas was no other than Bihariji himself. You are blessed by him. I take my orders back and give you the permission to stay in Vrindavan and enjoy all the prasad offered to you by Bihariji.


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