Someties Bihariji shows his kripa on his devotees even by selling his jewllery. This is another such experience of a bhakt who was a halwai opposite to Bihariji’s mandir.Every day he would go home late after the shiyan aarti when Bihariji is put to sleep.Some 60 years ago very few people used to go to Vrindavan. As soon as the last aarti used to be over there would be absolute silience and not a single person was seen within minutes. All the shops used to be closed too within a short time. The halwais however wee the last to go home asthey had to wash their utensils in which they had boiled the milk which was a delicay of the people visiting the temple. One evening when the halwai was busy with his hands making laddoos, he suddenly saw a boy of about 7 years of age coming towards his shop.The boy was dressed up as though he was a son of a rich merchant. There was something unusual about him which he could not make out at that time. All he felt wasthat this little boy was very charming who enchanted him

He looked up and said Lala what do you want? The boy pointed his fingers towards the laddoos he was making and said bhaia can you give me some laddoos? The halwai was so charmed by this little boy and handed him laddoos and jokingly said where is the money? The little boy looked at him closing his eyes and then said here you take this.Before the halwai could see what he gave him, the boy vanished in the dark night.The halwai was astonishd to see that he had handed him a very valueable bangle a kangan. The halwai askd his servants to look for the boy so that he could return it back to him but he was nowhere to be seen. The halwai was already getting late to go home and he thought may be he was the son of a rich devotees. He hoped that his parents will enquire about the valueable kangan and he will bring hem to his shop and he will return it back to them.He was wishing and praying that he would come again so that he could see his charming face again.

Next morning he came to his shop at his usual time. After doing his pooja in the shop he was waiting for customers to take sweets from his shop. The bhandari of the mandir who was very jovial and chirpy by nature came with a long worried look. The halwai asked him, what the matter one and he replied I don’t know how any one is capable of stealing Bihariji’s kangan. Actually this bhandari was on duty as a security person.When the mandir opened, gosain ji found that one of the kangan was missing. The bhadari was being blamed for lack of responsibilty. When he was narating his story the halwai who had tears in his eyes started sobbing. The bhandari was now surprised as to why he was crying and asked him what the matter was. The halwai in a voice choked with love came into a devotional state and in a faltering language tried to tell him something but was unable to speak. The bhandari got worried and thought that the halwai is having a serious problem pertaining to his health.However in a few minutes the halwai became normal and took out the kangan from his money box and asked im if it was the same kangan he was talking about. The bhandari was only too pleased to find the kangan back and asked him how he got it.The halwai told the bhandari all that had happened the previous evening with tears in his eyes that he failed to recognise Bihariji who had come to his shop asking him to give him laddoos. However he felt blessed that Bihariji out of all other sweet meat shops had come to his shop to blessed him.