The true devotion for Bihariji is only when it is nishkaam hich means when you do not expect him to do something in return to your prayer and love.One must love him unconditionally. Usually people cease to have faith in him if they are in some sort of a problem. They feel what is the use of my evotion towards Bihariji when he is not solving my miseries.Such a love for Bihariji is compared to give and take to a shop keeper,you buy a commodity from a shop keeper and he delivers the goods to you in return. This is a selfish type of a bhakti. Once you have developed love for him then let him give you pain or pleasure and accept it without grumbling.Most of us keeping begging from him to give us a house, money, child, fame, a spouse and many more. When one desire is fulfilled there is an immediate vaccancy of the next desire.This is the story of a boy whose life was very short as per the verdict of the astrolgers but Bihariji with his compassion tore the page of his karma’s in one go and he lived till 90.

This is how the story was narrated by him.

I was the only child o my parents who loved me very much. My parents were very god fearing and believed in atith devo bhav which means if any person came to our door step he was served food or at least some fruits. One day some saints who were on their way to Haridwar haulted at our residence and my mother served them food devotedly. The saints were happy and one of them was an astrologer. They asked my parents to show all the thre horscopes. My mother who was a great believer in such matters, quickly brought the. As soon as the expert astrologer saw my horoscope, his face showed signs of horror and anxiety. He did not want to disclose what he had read and quietly rolled up my horoscope. My mother insisted him to tell her what is it that he does not want to tell them.He tried his best to dodge her but my mother’s persistant pestering made him tell her that your son’s age is only up to 24 years of age. I was ten 12 years old. This was a rude jolt on all the three of us. The saints went away and therewas utter grievance in my family which continued for days together. One day I told my parents why they were not letting me live happily for at least the age of 24. I had still 12 years and I wanted to enjoy at least some years of my life.My father realized his mistake and told my mother not to talk about this topic at all.My mother who could not imagine her life without her dear son could not survive for long. One day when I went to wake her up, she was not breathing I called my father who told me that she has died.
Since I was too small to look after my self and my father did not know any cooking he got remarried. My step mother was told about my short age but why should she tolerate me even for 12 years. She had no love for me and always reported my minutest mistakes to my father who used to beat me up mercilessly.One day I got fed up of her false allegations against me and quietly slipped out of home, hoping to spend a better time of my short life.
I did all kinds of jobs for my srvival and earned quiet a bit of money but I felt some gap in my life.There was a feeling of emptness in me and I felt restless. Pace was a far cry.One day while I was saddly sitting under a peeple tree some saints also came ant sat under its shade. When they saw me, they could make out that I am not very normal.Soon I narrated my whole tale to them and they advised me to accompany them to Vrindavan.This idea apealed to me because I thought ,I have barely 12 years of life, then why shoul’nt I spend them usefully.I agreeed to go with them. My first view of vrindavan was enthralling.It seemed to me that I can see Kanha face to face. The trees of vrindavan,the grooves, the creepers , vines,the scent of flowers, the tumulte noises of the birds,as though they were reciting the holy name of radhe shyam and avove all the enchanting sight on the banks of river yamuna filled me in total devotion and ecstacy.It seemed that I was swimmng in the ocean of bliss.One day I met the same saints who had come to our house and had predicted my early death. I went to them and told them what had happened. They replied, ‘look child listen carefully. An accountant keeps a full record of all accounts as to how much money he has to take from those who had taken the loans. In case there is a very heavy amount of his friends loan, he has the power to tear that page and bring his loan to zeero.Same way Bihariji, too can tear the pages of tour karma’s which are responsible for your early death. Go to Bihariji’s temple and pray before him. Tell him you tore the pages of karma’s of so many bhakts of your’s such as shabri, kubja, dhnaajat,raskhan and many more,then why don’t you tearaway my karmas also.you look at his eyes and request him to tear your pages of bad karma so that you can devote a long life for him. I was impressed by what they told me and went to Biharji’s temple that day and did as they had told me.I stood in front ofBihariji and got lost in his beautful charming vigraha.I had no desire to extend my life. All I wanted was Bihariji’s kripa to give me his bhakti only.That was a turning point of my life.aThere was no desire in my heart any more. Soon I was so lost in talking and seeing Bihariji that I felt there is no body else in the temple.In the large crowd I could see only Biharji smiling at me.Then I heard a very sweet enchanting voice amidst the noises of so many bhakts in the temple. I can never forget those magical words. Smilingly he had said, ‘Today I have torn your pages of karma accounts. I have rubbed your destiny.From now no good or bad karma can dare to touch you from now.
When I came back to my senses I saw my father and mother standing next to me. They held my hand aplogetically. I remembered the couplet of swami Tulsidasji, Jaa pe kripa Ram ki hoi, taa pe kripa sab ki hoi.
I politely took leave from them bacause now I had found my true parents.I did not need the mundane relatives of the materialistic world.Today I have lived a full life of devotion for Bihariji.I am 90. All because Bihariji tore my karma account and gave me a long life topursue my bhakti.